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Originally Posted by fansince65 View Post
M3M : goalies (some) used to use a baseball catchers MIT , blockers were wood covered with leather and stuffed with horse hair (to cut down on rebounds) the goalie pads were all stuffed with horse hair (got heavy as he!! when wet)..
This summer I sold a pair of CCM Tacks that were 50 years old at a yard sale had a pair of gloves (all leather) just as old that were in mint condition , the guy that bought them could not stop shaking when he got them , he said his grandfather had been looking for the skates and gloves for a long time .

The equipment was no even close to today's bulletproof stuff that all the players wear today , when you look back at the equipment ( still have my elbow pads and jock) and compare it to the equipment players wear in the game now you wonder how the He!! we ever survived , but then one word pops right in your mind "RESPECT" for each other .....
Ahh yes that old equipment. My first pair of skates were more tape than leather. Absolutely zero protection from puck abuse. I still have the garter belt and small shoulder pads etc. They have been getting a laugh in the locker room for 20 plus years now. (I've only played a couple times in the last 10 years though)

Hia gang, Hia Hia Hia
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