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Originally Posted by chilly666 View Post
AHL and NHL are two completely different leagues. look at ryan shannon he tore up the ahl, next year he was in anaheim and well sucked. so just cause he is tearing up the ahl, doesnt mean its gonna translate into good stats at the nhl level.

other examples:
darren haydar, jason krog, brett sterling, denis hamel, martin st. pierre, keith aucoin, alexandre giroux, pierre parenteau. i could name more but you get my point.
Your argument isn't very good because you are comparing a power forward to the typical 5'8-5'10 AHL star who can't make the transition to the NHL (Krog, Haydar, Sterling, Aucion, Shannon). You can't compare their style of play to Bobby Ryan's.

Getzlaf and Perry turned Dustin Penner into a 30 goal scorer...Imagine what they can do for someone of the natural talent of Bobby Ryan.
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