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Originally Posted by pesadillamal View Post
I think this is a great signing being looked at the wrong way here. The last years of the contract are simply to bring down the yearly average salary. The article says they are paying him $9.7 mil and getting a $7.5 mil cap hit. When he is 37 I would imagine they could renogiate a contract that will pay him more than he would make under this contract, but less than the $7.5 cap hit.

I may be overlooking something but I think they will be able to deal with any problem towards the end of the contract, while saving $2 mil a year vs. the cap the nexy 7 years. I guess they plan on spending down there.
That is likely true. I'm just not a big fan of these ridiculously long deals in general to be honest. Too many variables. No question the extra few cheap years were to soften the cap blow for the majority of the deal, and towards the end when the cap hit is nearly $8M and he's making far less, it would be easy enough to get rid of him to any number of teams who didn't have cap issues (if they wanted to).
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