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Patrick Kane will win it. He had the most points out of all three, so that might just seal it. Backstrom had a good year and his team did a lot better - but he had Ovechkin on his team, not to mention a good coach. So I wouldn't use that as a reason to pick him as the winner.

It's a shame that Jonathan Toews got hurt this year though, or he might have won it. He had 54 points in 64 games, so had he played all 82 games like Kane did, he would have had just as many points. Toews also led all rookies in goals and power play goals. Pretty impressive.

Missing around 20 games pretty much makes it a given that he won't win, although he kind of deserves it. In the games that he did play in, he did really well. So tough luck for him. This kid will be very good with his combo of size and skill.

So Kane should win, but that's because Toews missed time with an injury. Had that not happened, I think I'd be voting for him.

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