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Originally Posted by jkidd View Post
Light contact. Damn near impossible to find a full contact.

I was thankful a guy from Yonkers here at work used to play and had the itch - so he did all the leg work in finding a league and getting it together. Then, when I moved out here with my buddy from ND, he thought it'd be natural for us to want to play - and he was right.

We practice twice/three times a week. Tuesday nights for sure. Sunday nights, and the occasinoal Thursday.

Its not too serious. Its pretty much a group of guys that are just learning. We have 7/18 that have actually played organized hockey before. The rest are either beer leaguers, or guys with rough knowedge of the game that want to play. So its pretty much a feeling out process, and teaching process for guys like our player/coach Pete to help get some basic skating techniques taught to the fresh players.
Ok, just clearing this up, you're in Denver now right?

Because I could imagine, it'd be pretty easy to fill a men's league roster in Minnesota.

Damn, only 7 of 18? Wow, shoul be a rough year, ice hockey is a whole new monster to guys who have never played before, good luck this season.
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