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Originally Posted by BStreetBullies View Post
Terrible game tonight. First game of a 3 game championship and we were missing some key guys.

We went down 4-1 early, and the game was geting chippy, this team was very hack-happy, especially this one fat prick. So they go up 5-1, right after my right ahnd is almost hacked off, and I had enough of it, next scrum I tell myself I'm getting somebody to go with me.

Well sure enough, my goaslie makes a save, I satnd in front of him, create a wall, the whistle blows, 2 seconds later, fatty comes rolling in and shoves me into the net and the the goalie. He tried to skate back into the crowd but I ofund him immediately. I grabbed him by the collar and asy "alright fat boy, let's fukking go" as I hold him in real close. I slip off my helmet and drop the gloves one by one, as he stands there pleading his case, saynig some BS "I play tot he whsitle asshole". The refs were tending to another part of the scrum so we were given the room. His gloves wouldn't come off, so I rip off his helemt, and just start skaing him around, trying to get him to drop his gloves, but the fat **** wouldn't go,a nd his teammates came in, and a big dog pile just started.

I was fukking furious, I got a 10 minute miscoduct. They continued to hack, but fat boy stayed away from me for the rest of the game. We wound up losing 7-3, fukking terrible, and it didn't help that one of our defeseman showed up plastered. Fukking shiity game, game 2 is on Sunday, I for one ain't going down without a fight.
See thats the kind of game I would like to be in a somewhat competetive playoff game with some edge to it. I feel as I am to little to much but I would not hesitate to climb in there and mix it up a bit. BSB get the couch ready im bringing my gear and heading for the game on sunday!
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