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Originally Posted by Tool13 View Post
Avery would have got 5 games, but oh well.
I didn't think that Peters should get suspended but big deal. Why do it now? The suspension should be done the next time he plays the Rangers.
My issue is with those referee's the other night. Disgraceful performance. How they didn't have the guts to give him a minor penalty and the Rangers a powerplay to start the overtime is the issue.
They should be docked a games pay for their disgraceful judgement that night. 8 powerplays for Buffalo and 3 powerplays for NY.
I can understand why you'd say that Avery would get 5 games because there sure was a bias against the Rangers that night.
Suspend that officials crew for their horrible performance one game each!
And now back to Jim Gordon!
Bill Chadwick

They can fill the net on this guy tonight!
Phil Esposito
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