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I'm playing for the titans up in Grundy, we played this team DelVal last night and whooped on them 14-2.

I had 2 goals and an assist, and add another goal to that because I went down to block a pass across the crease and it crawled between my goalies legs.

I got two minutes for tripping, which was bullshiit, the douchebag caugt an edge in the ice.

And I got robbed from getting my hat trick, as I had the goalie down, went around him, and couldn't elevate the puck, and he stopped me with the glove.

some rought stuff after the game, one of our smallest, but feistiest players got in a shouting match after the buzzr, I stayed on the ice with him tomake sure he didn't getpummele considering he was yapping at a guy who looked like a fat scott parker... one of the meanest goatees I have seen in a while.

It was a fun game, and I'm glad to be back, first game in 6 months... how about you guys?
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