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Originally Posted by jd99gtNYR View Post
I think Peters should be off of the list.....IMO...
Well Peters is certainly trending down. I had him higher to begin the season (around #6), but he just hasn't been that impressive so he's dropped to #10. The reason I still have him on there is because other heavyweights in the league that aren't on my top 10 haven't done much either. Who would you put ahead of Peters? I'm not sold on guys like Ivanans and Roy. Shelley loses too often, and it hasn't been a great season for Shawn Thornton. Who else is there? Parker? Doesn't fight enough. Cote and Downey? Well, they just aren't good. That's the problem.

Originally Posted by jd99gtNYR
And why have Orr and Godard gone down? Expecially since theyve both beat guys ahead of them on your list this season.
What in the world are you talking about? Neither of them have beaten ANYBODY that's ahead of them on my list this season...

Orr has lost lost to McGrattan, Brashear, AND Belak.

And Godard has lost to Laraque, and he's had draws against Boogaard and King.

So who have they beaten that's ahead of them? Nice try...

They only fell about one spot, and that's because guys like King and McGrattan have moved up, and they (King and McGratts) have just been more impressive, IMO. Orr and Godard can be inconsistent.

Originally Posted by brawls16
Belak keeps on winning, while Laraque and Brashear give us a 4 second lovefest once a month....
Ha. That's funny.

And Laraque and Brashear DON'T keep on winning?

Umm... they are the two most dominant fighters in the league... they win a lot... more than Belak. So what are you trying to say? That Belak is better? Give me a break.

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