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This was one of the worst games I have ever watched and the blame can be spread around.
Offensively we were beyond weak and I think this was exactly what most of us viking fans were worried about when we heard Jackson would be the starting QB, 4 ints. Bollinger stinks and will be no help so whats left? With no WR to worry about Det. packed the line and blitzed non stop causing Peterson to have no room to run when he carried the ball. This could become a trend as more and more teams will employ the same strategy unless the vikes can find a way to keep the LB's off the line and the safties back.
Defensively we played well creating turnovers, knocking Kitna from the game and putting good pressure on the passer BUT there were a awful lot of missed tackles, some bad penalties and the backfield was shredded pretty much all game long. If the secondary cannot play better than that then we will have a hard time containing the better teams.
Coaching was awful as well as little to no adjustments were made both offensively or defensively and the problems that began early persisted all day long. Why more screens or quick passes to the backs were not used is beyond me, they are perfect plays vs. big blitzing teams like Det. was and when they were used the worked very well. And whose decision was it to pass the ball on 2 3rd and 2 plays and one 3rd and 1? One play resulted in a INT and the others were incompletes. Why would you put the ball in the hands of a questionable (at best) QB with below average WR's when you have a high priced Oline and a top pick at RB? Just stupidity if you ask me.

Oh well I was not expecting much from these guys this year and this game pretty much exempified why I feel that way. Bad QB play, below average talent at WR and a defense that has to play the majority of the game getting worn down.
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