Desert Battle

| Josh Kidd

Last night with the Philadelphia Flyers down 3-1 to the Phoenix Coyotes, Jay Rosehill and Paul Bissonnette lined up across from each other on a second period faceoff. Things were testy before the puck was dropped, with the referee having to stop a jousting match between the two. When the puck dropped, both players dropped their mitts and had a fierce battle.

At the onset, Bissonnette started with the rights while Rosehill threw lefts. They locked out and Rosehill worked the jab and the two shifted towards left-handed haymakers. They separated for a few seconds, discarded their elbow pads in dramatic fashion, and went right back to throwing intense rights with little regard for defense.

In the end, the bout lasted almost a minute and the all-out war earned each combatant a standing ovation from the crowd in Phoenix. Bissonnette was showered by hands from the bench, with the most coming from Coyotes captain Shane Doan.