A Letter To Hollywood

Alexis Nicgorski
May 29, 2000

To whom it may concern,

I am an avid move watcher. I have been enjoying the many movies you have produced out there in Hollywood. However, reality, I have come to find out recently, doesn't play out like your many movies. So I ask, what gives? I spend my $7.50. Or in the case of going to an actual game $75. I am referring to the Flyers season ending so abruptly. Let me explain.

One thing I have learned is that the underdog always wins. That's what the Flyers were. The underdog. And yet they didn't win. Whoever wrote this movie did a terrible job. They lead the viewer to believe that after all of the controversy and insanity that was the regular season, the Flyers achieving the number one seed, was the beginning of the off season. Your writers paired them up with the Dominator. The man who single handedly wins or looses games. Then to make things even more interesting, you had the rookies covering the roster. It was the 2000 version of a movie you produced in 1980, remember, " Miracle on Ice?" The underdog won.

You followed that script and moved us on to round two. Here we were favored, then you placed that twist in the plot. That was the interesting part. Flyers down 0-2. The seven hour game, the comeback, the Delmore hat trick. It was filled with laughter and tears. Suspense and controversy. It was a great building block for the third round.

You advanced us to the third round. The ultimate underdogs. The rivalry. The hard hits and pseudo-Tocchet hat trick. They were beating the odds, they were up 3-1. They were going to win. The controversy was almost cleared. The Lindros return. The Lindros goal. The Boucher save. Oh my gosh! Could it be? Will we really win? 

No. NO? No.

Why not? 

Because. Life isn't the win of a "Mighty Ducks," not even a feeling of winning respect in "Mystery, Alaska." Life is the Miracle on Ice, the Buffalo loss in 1999. 

Maybe you were writing a different story, one for the Devils. They are the first to rally from a 3-1 series to win a conference title. Maybe you are writing another story of the Dallas Stars. Maybe those stories will happy. Maybe your getting away from the 'underdog' genre.

It's a shame though. The Flyers would have been a good story to tell. Maybe next year. Then again, the writer behind this hockey tale could be the genius behind "Major League 3: Back to the Minors." Then, it would all make sense.

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